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Understanding the Real Estate Property Market

For the last couple of years, Singapore has flourished a bountiful property market. It has only changed when its government took the so-called “cooling measures.” If you want to settle in the said country, what are the things that you must remember?

A Closer Look at the Property Market of Singapore

Most analysts would claim that the market stands to be resilient despite the cooling measures being taken by the government. The reality is that it appears to be nearing a tipping point. There is a report done by the UBS which predicts home prices in Singapore. It is claimed that it might have fallen between 10 to 15 percent. This is true most especially in the next 12 months.

There are so many reasons for such. These are the following:

  • The economic growth of Singapore is still to be monitored as it is also affected by the global situation.
  • There is a slow growth in the population because the government moves so that immigration laws may be tightened.

These factors may cause most foreign buyers to dampen any resale activity in Singapore. As a matter of fact, they may even stay away, if they wanted to. What else may occur?

There are school of thoughts saying that most property agents come with a stronger feel of the market as compared to most research analysts. There has been a shift in the sales in the year 2012 alone. The mass market homes conquered the sales in the quarter. According to the record of the OCR or the Outside Central Office, it has reached almost 69.2 percent of new homes.

The implementation of the additional buyer’s stamp duties, or ABSD might have been one of the reasons for the change. It has been the deciding aspect for most foreigners to stay away from the usual prime areas known to many. Ever since its implementation, there has been a sharp reduction in the foreign demand, most especially for the private residential properties. This has been observed. As a return, the properties in the suburban mass were made to be of segments. They even turned out to be more appealing to the Housing Development Board. Usually, upgrades who purchase come with a longer-term perspective in mind as a goal.

Just to look ahead, the record supply bond for the pipeline can somehow help in the alleviation of the pent-up demand being set by the Outside Central Region. This would prevent spikes most especially in property prices. When it comes to mid to long term, there might be a chance for the global economies to be strengthened. This would prevent the property prices to spike up. When it comes to long-term business, this is meant to boost the sentiments of the investor which may lead to the gradual recovery of the Core Central Region and even the prices of the Rest of Central Region.

Indeed, the purchasing power of the Singapore citizens cannot be denied. When the measures of proper buying are taken, relevant authorities will certainly own the help they deserve. This is for sure!…

New Futura: Luxury Condo by CDL Group

Home is where the life lives the best and relaxed way. This is not just the shelter but also shares a love and affection bonding. But today that is not enough, there is need of a luxury to living which permits with a perfect living and is going to generate a proper living. For the reason to build a home is given by the New Futura located at Leonie Hill which is delivering a world class living today. This is run behind with a good number of construction works that manages with a good rather a top class model set forward to provide with an enhanced living style. The work is guided as well as performed by experts who work with an unwavering commitment to deliver quality and excellence in home designing that would help the market of Singapore to lead ahead with new home designs and constructions.


The best ever designed

They are designed by the best of architectures and designers, who have been promoting their best to set their company on a path of constant innovation and reinvention which is still into continuity. If you see deep, it’s their passion for innovation that is rendered in the heart of their business and their contemporary home designs have been continually meeting the challenges and changing the life style of the people of Singapore. The experts working here are bonded with creative ideas with a creativity trending on interior designing and delivering such exotic themes.

They completely drive on with a simple vision that is long- winded on the walls and is deliberately simple. the workers from a high to low grade here are friendly and move ahead to achieve the simplest vision of building a safe, secured and the most beautiful home.


Living a stress free life

When you get associated with the company to bring on a good living, they are going to fulfill your stay with the perfection of a dream come true. It’s just the money that you need to provide for what is your need and rest is the management of the new futura homes who are going to bring out a good home to stay with all the corners set the best way to reflect their beauty. Their work is just incredible and that is what they promise their customers to provide across the Singapore to deliver a high class and well status living. It is believed to serve with around 124 condominiums and is existing with a lot more for those who have already booked their living further with the new futura staying. The location is loaded with a lot more of amenities and facilities provided nearby with no stress of handling an easy and effective life style. Today they are expanding their portfolio to make it more successful as a part of living and no way is going to make it wasted further. There are a good number of stores, swimming pools, greenery and much more which are going to act as a perfect destination to make it exclusive for living a healthy and stress- free life.…

Rivercove Residences EC: New EC launching at Anchorvale Lane

Planning to have your own home in Singapore? It is the best time to get invested in infrastructure and book your own home at Anchorvale Lane. Amazing view, wonderful scenery, river bank, well connected to the main city and have all the basic facilities nearby; what else most of the people want?

Rivercove Residences by Hoi Hup is going to be another achievement like Hundred Palms Residences which have sold out 100% of its flats in just 7 hours. This wonderful executive condominium site is located along the Anchorvale Lane which is going to be constructed by one of the largest constructors of Singapore Hoi Hup Realty. Hoi Hup Realty has begged the land deal by keeping the 15 of its competitors far behind at the rate of $335 psf plot ratio.

This wonderful project is going to be constructed on about 630 EC units on the bay of river Sungei Punggol. The company is going to construct about 635 units of 3 to 5 bedroom types. Hoi Hup Realty is one of the best well established residential developers from the past 34 years and is well known for developing best residential flats at a very affordable price range.

Location of Rivercove Residences: – This wonderful EC is located at the best location of the Sengkang; at the river bay of Sungei Punggol. This wonderful site is a mature residential estate which is much nearer to the town too. The site is very much nearer to the well-reputed school of the town i.e. Nan Chiau Primary and hence best location for the young couples who are planning to enroll their children in the school.

Rivercove Residences is a well-planned project which includes a  large number of amenities and considered to be accomplished in the year 2021. As we know that the Sengkang is one of the best developing cities of the Singapore and hence more constructions are being considered to develop the accomplishment of the project.

Enhancing connectivity in Sengkang: – Rivercove Residences EC is one of the well-connected sites to the other parts of Singapore through public transport. You can easily go to all most all parts of Singapore through TPE, CTE, and KPE in just 25 minutes. With the going on advancements the developers are now working on a project of North-South Expressway which will reduce the distance by 5 minutes more.

Amenities and developments nearer to the Rivercove Residences: – Rivercove Residences EC is one of the best developmental sites which includes various amenities and developmental projects near to it; in other words, you can also say that most amazing and well-connected part of the city that most of the people really dreamed about.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is a good construction site and hence more will be the chances of getting more job opportunities and better work environment. Some of the amenities nearer to the project are – Nan Chiau Primary School, Serangoon Garden, One Sengkang Mall, and Sengkang General Hospital etc. Whereas one of the best ongoing developmental projects are: – Defu Industrial Part (redevelopment), industrial park, Lorong Halus Industrial Park etc.…

Is It Good To Let Your House Stay On The Market During Holidays?

If you think that just the warmer months of the year ready times to offer your house, reconsider. The chillier months brought by the approaching vacation is also a great chance to offer your house. Noted listed below are a few of the factors you can benefit from.

Less resident offer throughout vacations


The vacations, particularly Christmas, send out signal to many house owners that it is an unsuitable time to let their houses remain on the seller’s market. Many house owners are also hectic with their wish list, gift-giving, and Christmas parties.

This develops a special chance for you because there will be less rivals. This means more possibilities for your house to obtain observed by more purchasers who are also seizing the day to purchase their brand-new houses.

One safety measure to observe is to have your house in its best show condition. Have it clean, basic, and appealing.

Home purchasers throughout the vacations are severe purchasers

The Christmas season is a time when the majority of people hectic themselves with different activities associated with this joyful time of the year. Do you think home purchasers throughout this time will lose their times simply to make fun of the houses noted in the seller’s market?

There are different factors triggering home purchasers to get the vacations as a more severe time to purchase a house. There are some who are moving when the year modifications. There are also some people who purchase houses for tax factors. Some purchasers also get the vacation getaways to really perform ocular of your homes they see on listings.

And because the vacations are a very hectic time, make sure to change your revealing times to the schedules of prospective home purchasers.

Less inconveniences to make your house appealing

Home staging might be a tough procedure to house owners. But because you are offering your house in a time when designs are fittingly great additions inside and outside your house, you can be sure that it will bring less inconvenience to make it more appealing.

Make certain to include designs that will make the total environment jubilant. Do not over embellish that will have the tendency to make your house look messy. You can let your house be a mirror of a home in which your prospective purchasers can picture themselves commemorating their next vacations on it.

If your house has invested months in the seller’s market. Do not lose hope. This vacation can be the ideal chance for purchasers to see it.

And if you need some expert help, your local realty representative is always a call away to provide his/her competence.